Patient Information

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are trained primary providers and experts in the area of musculoskeletal pain and injury.  You can make an appointment, or claim for an injury, without a referral.  We can lodge your ACC or insurance claim, order Xrays and ultrasound scans and refer to Orthopaedic Specialists directly.   Our staff are trained to recognise non-musculoskeletal conditions and will refer those to an appropriate provider for further investigation.   We maintain good relationships with the GP’s in our area, to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to your healthcare.

What to expect from a Video Consultation

We are using an encrypted online service called Zoom for our video consults.  We will send you a link to the meeting with your therapist, and all you have to do is click the link, and it will direct you to download the Zoom application and take you to the meeting.  It pays to attmept this 10-15min before your meeting time in case of any issues with downloading.  If you do not manage to get into the meeting in time, don’t worry, our Physiotherapist will call you to assist you with the process, or discuss things with you over the phone.   Please make sure that your device is charged!

Your Physiotherapist will take some details from you for the purpose of filling out an online ACC form, if required.  They will also ask for your verbal consent to online assessment.

After this, they will take a detailed history of the injury or complaint.  Ususally, this tells us a Physiotherapist a good deal of what they need to know to form a diagnosis.  Your therapist will then get you to complete some movements and tests and check your responses to those to confirm the diagnosis.

We have capability to email out exercise programmes, or send out videos of exercises being performed, to help motivate and remind you of what needs to be done to get your complaint moving ahead.  We will often arrange a follow up appointment to assess the benefit of the exercises between appointments and progress things as required.

Our Fees

ACC Consultation
Initial – $25
Subsequent visits – $20

Private Consultation
Initial – $55
Subsequent visits – $45

PLEASE NOTE: In this testing time, we are making our surcharges voluntary.  We will be sending out invoices, but we understand that these are hard financial times for many.  We will be grateful to receive these in from those that have the resources to pay them, but will not be chasing up these invoices over this period.  We are all in this together.  We have also heavily discounted our Private Rates during this time from $70 to $55.

* Additional materials charges may apply if required.